Learning a New Way of Doing Things

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Are you having your way of doing your Network Marketing business? Do you have something that works every time? Do you have a method which means you can approach people over and over again, until you find out what they really want? Is it a way that makes you not turn people off or a way they in fact do not even know that you have approached them? Have you read any new books on this subject lately? Found any Guru that tells you that they have the way to do it?

It is great to learn new ways to do your business. It can be healthy to learn another way to do things. Especially if you are not having a great success with the way you are doing things right now. It is encouraging to know that there is a new way of doing the approach that do not leave your friends angry and upset with you, that do not make your friends leave you. Which leaves you friendless on Facebook or other Social Media. It has been a long time, but I have learned a way I feel have great prospects of being the perfect way. Not that the way you do it now, does not work, it is just so much better to be able to leave a person not interested in the blue, to be able to ask if a person is interested and not even letting that person know that you have asked them.

Through one course I am studying I learned this new way of doing it. It is so great I want to create a course to teach it in more depth. I think it is time for the world of business to go out and learn to do this task in a new way. I feel I have stumbled upon the method I will use for the rest of my life, no matter which company I am with. It works for all kinds of businesses in one way or another. It creates a great feeling, and it leaves the prospective business owner without a clue about what has been done to them, if they have not shown interest. This means they do not want what you offered right now, and their world could change tomorrow. So it is just to stay alert to the prospects word and you will be knowing when and how to approach them about the business next time you do.

It is incredible that the major companies has not been learning this method, and it is incredible that more people are using it. I have been in Network Marketing since I was 17 years old. I love the industry, I know what it can do for people, but I have never been able to achieve much success in this business, earlier I thought it was because people were not willing to work a business. I know better today. First of all, it was the way I was as a person. Second, it had all with how I spoke about it, raising all the sales filters in their mind. You know, people hate to be sold something, but they love to buy. Finally, it had all to do with the fact that I forgot to focus on the person I was speaking about, I was all about how much I could earn. This, is the main reason why I did not succeed. I was all about me, and not about them. I have changed myself, I have changed the way I do things, and I have changed the way I talk to people, all in a matter of 6 months.

It is due to a course I have done, and it is so great. If you like to create this change in yourself, follow my weekly blog, I will create a form, and let you sign up to it, so that I will broadcast a message when it is close to opening up again. It is so fantastic, so wonderful, so incredible to see the change that I have made in myself. All my friends tell me that I have changed too. So it is not something just I feel, everybody around me feels it too.

Leave a comment if you like some more information about either of these. I will let you know when the course start, or when my new course will start on the method of talking to people.

Enjoy your Network Marketing Business, and learn the real great talking to prospects process, to make your business grow.

Now Easter is passed, we have the rest of this year ahead, and we can enjoy building our business without major holidays before Christmas.

Enjoy your day, and hope to hear from you.

John Eide

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