Legends VIP Network

For your pleasure you can watch 1000s of channels. They are not the basic channels that you get at home. However, they have are not covering the norwegian market basic channels, however you can watch a lot of different sports channels, you can watch a lot of channels from USA on news, documentaries etc.

You get all this for US$20 per month. This is all included, there are also a learning centre in the back of the but we have found that people do not join for that any longer.

Do you want to be a retailer of the system you can join here it cost US$147 first month, and US$20 per month after that to be a person that watch the channels.

Do you want to just see the channels I can sell you an access for US$30 per month. This cost is for people that do not join our system, but they are my customers, not controlled by the system itself. It is me that sell this option.


Do you not want to join and save US$10 per month. You will earn money on other friends and family that just want to watch TV as normally. I can give you this for only US$147, I earn nothing on the first sale, however on every sale after that I earn US$100 for each person that join. That include on every person that join the person that I have got to join. Every time you start a new line, the first sale of that person gives me another US$100, and on ever other person that join me and not you will also have the first sale go up to me, and their first sale comes up to me.

It is therefore important that you have a great relationship with the person above you, we can always create a relationship with each other. That is what I want to create with you. It is always you that run your business, and nobody else that create your success. Everyone give away one sale to the person that is introducing them to the system, after that you are the person that received the US$100, that the person pay to the person they join with. This money can than pay for 5 months of your watching the movies, news, sport and every other program type you like to see.


I want to help you, I will always be there to teach you how the business works. It is your system, not somebody else, I can watch it on my mobile, on an app, I can watch it on a laptop, and I can also connect my computer to the TV and watch it on TV. Start now, let me show you how you can start, in Norwegian Kroner it is about 2,000 to start, and it is so important that you can then start a business that will create US$100 per person that join you. This is all possible due to the network of all networks, and we help each other to learn. We have also got a master to help us to get friends and family to join us. This is working if you work it. I am now starting to market this system as first person in Norway. You can cut all your cable bills, and watch all the channels here for US$20 every month, and sell it to each friend for US$30 and earn on your customers each month, and also earn US$100 every time they want to join you and start saving on their cost of watching it on their computer.

In the USA, you can use a Firestick to watch it on TV, this is the best way to watch it on TV, but it is not available in Norway yet, so we have to use the app in Laptops or on a mobile, and connect our TV to it to get in on a TV screen. It is fantastic quality TV.


In addition you get a way to learn yourself to have a good attitude about running your own business, an educational system where you have a millionaire or two, telling you how to run your own business.


    Telephone: +47 91 58 39 39
    Facebook: messenger.com/coacheide