Hi All,

How are you? Are you creating a great life for yourself? Or are something stopping you from having it your way? Why? What is going on? Have you been doing what it said to do in the magazines, in the self-development books? And it did not work? How strange, I think there is a reason that there is a problem somewhere, that they are not telling people about. I think there is a think called thinking in the way.

Yes, there are many ways to follow on and try to create a great life. There are pages written about nearly every day, but why do we need so many people to write about this? In fact we do not, the reason why they write about it, is not to make you create a happy and fulfilling great life. It is to do the opposite. If your life was great and wonderful, who would then buy their magazines, their books, their products, let me ask you a very different question. If they call it self-help, why do you need so many articles written about it. Why do you need to learn from someone else how to create a great life for yourself? Well, the answer is obvious, we have not been told how to do it, neither in school, nor anywhere else. It may be a secret they want to keep from us. Do you think so? I do in fact think so, and I think it has a good reason.

The reason for not letting us all create a great life? Well, there are many thoughts around this topic. One reason they would not let you create a great life, is because it will be unfair on the other people. It is not fair that someone has a good life, when the rest has to live in such a bad situation, and you succeeding adds to their misery. Or does it? It should not, but we people are strange. We are jealous creatures. We are jealous when someone we know gets successful, we are jealous when people fix their problems and we are stuck with our problem. Why is this so? Because we do not like to get left behind. What I do not grasp is why would they need to get left behind? If one did get out of the problem then they could do to, or do you believe that some people are created unequal, or some more equal than others?

Wow, this little blog post to write in the middle of the night, is growing full of more questions than there are answers. But it is not so strange. I remember when I was growing up, there was a song, and that song was called ¨No Matter What¨, the song lyrics are actually meant to be a love song, but I did not like the last verse. I jumped that because the rest of the text meant so much to me. I heard them sing, no matter where they take us, we find our own way back. It was a text for me, about the forces of governments forcing its citizens to live in the life the governments allowed. No, I am not going to go all political, it has to with having a great life, and not about political stands. In that little song however they also sings ¨no matter what they say, what I believe is true¨. And I think that is the problem of how to create a great life.

Today, we are having a world in total financial collapse, the world economy is closed down, for how long we do not know. What will happen if there is no food grown for the rest of the year? Panic, food shortages, well, I guess we have to wait and see, but I think it is time to think hard and long about certain things. Do you have a job tomorrow? I mean after you are finished the Covid-19 attack, is there a problem with so many unemployed people? Yes, there are many, but we can save the day, you can be up and running in your own income producing opportunity before you know it. It is not something you have not done before, in fact you have done it all since you where young and went to the movies for the first time, and came home to say that that movie was great. So it is not something dangers or particularly difficult. In fact, it is perfect for the life situation we are in right now. But back to great life creation.

I want to tell you, that there are ways most people have not thought about to create a great life. You will need to think it over to find it by yourself, or you can go to and sign up for an introductory coaching lesson totally free, and we will talk about how to do it. No it is not more of the old, it is not just some mumbo jumbo. It is a way, that people in fact for centuries have known about, but the people who know it, has not shared it throughout the world freely. Yes, they have written books about it, but it is not the kind of book all people buy for entertainment on a Saturday afternoon. That is the problem. Most people do not want to find this things.

So if you are special, if you are great, be first to join me for a free consultation, and if I see the potential for us to work together, I give you a special offer you cannot refuse, from my favorite move, the Godfather, I am going to offer the first 3 customers a packace of 10 sessions for the price of a 5 session, only because I want to get a reference, so the only thing you have to promise to get the special price, is to promise to write a reference how you found working with me, whether I helped you, or whether I was a complete jerk. I want honest feedback, but nothing sarcastic or unfair either. The price for a 10 session is the price of 7.5 lesson which is US$750, but on this special price, you will be given a special price of US$300 for 10 hourly session, working with me, to help create a great life, we may only get to create a better life by the time the 10 lessons are finished, but I will teach you the technology to develop further yourself, and you can come back just now and then when you want new information after that. A once off coaching lesson after the introductory one, cost US$100 per lesson, so from buying 1 and 1 lesson you save US$700, or 70% discount. And all you have to do, is write me a few lines after the 10 sessions is finished. Give me a call or an email, and we shall set of a time for your initial consultation. So we can get started, CREATING YOUR WONDERFUL GREAT LIFE. Where there is a will there is a way.

Have a wonderful day, and a good life, until we meet.

Coach John Eide

Talk again soon.
John Eide
Life Coach