I returned to a big problem

Hi all,

I am sorry to find my website filled with spam posts, but I have now changed my website’s password and hope that the people that write on other peoples websites keep away from my site from now on. It is not nice to have your website spammed like this, but I guess keeping the password like I did, as the standard, there was nothing else to expect. There are too many people with nothing better to do. If you are one that goes around spamming others websites, you are a criminal we do not like.

Anyway, there is no problem fixing it, luckily they did not create any users to access my website on, but if you find posts that has nothing to do with me helping you create a business, there is probably a new spammer idiot out there again. I am happy to point out what kind of disservice these idiots do to the world of internet.

Now to something more happy. I am about to start creating a new website here on this site. But if you like to start earning money, you are welcome to write me a message on my contact form. It is available on contact me page in the menu.

Let us hear what you want help with, do you want to build a new business, do you need help being coached to succeed in your own business, or something else?

Hope to hear from you, I appreciate all forms for comments, both positive and negative feedback on my page. As long as it is constuctive feedback.

Have a great day,
John Henning Eide
Owner of this website

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