Hi all readers,

I have discovered a great business opportunity, it is a breakthrough in technology that creates the product that you want to use for your own health, and therefore is easy to show to others too.

We will show you what you have come to see, go to the webpage here.

You will not regret going for the information, it is a great business opportunity, and it is a great product. It is a revolusionary product, and it will result in better health. It has a patented product, so nobody can copy cat the product. Those of you that will pick up on this opportunity, will be greatly surprised by the videos you will see if you to onto the link above.

We can state so much that it has to do with a new type of health product. It is nothing like you have seen before. We have broken a new line, and makes all other products within the health product line, unnecessary. Come on, join us, and we can help the world, get healthier, one by one. Around the globe. The business opportunity is great, it is timely and it is right up the ally for both athletes and people that are sick. In fact, I can tell you that there are people that attribute their health to being saved from the health system and started to drink one of the products, and you will find information about it, at the link.

HERE AGAIN YOU CAN CLICK TO FIND MORE INFORMATION, and it is not dangerous to leave your name and email in the videos, they will only be seen by me. I promise, I will never share your contact details, and as soon as you join, I will no longer hold any details on this platform. Have a great day, great health, and I love to see you inside.

So, What is Most Important in your LIFE?

Some people think it is their career, some people think it is their riches, and some people think it is their health? Who am right? All or some? or none? Maybe there is something more important? What could that be? And so we ask ourselves, what is their that can be more important in life than Health, Relationships, and Money?

I have a clear meaning that there is a clear favorite in Health being the most important in a person’s life. There is nothing you can do, if the health is not in place, as I have noticed myself.

What about Relationships? Are they important to you? Well they should be, remember, Jesus, he ate with his 12 disciples the last meal. There is more than a symbolism in that. We all need someone to share food with, or it does not matter what you eat, it all taste the same. We need friends, or lovers, or our children.

So why is not money the most important thing in life? Well, without health you could not enjoy the money, yes, you could buy yourself a little car, a little house, but what is the point when you do not have the health to enjoy it.

No health is high on the list, and in my business, we learn to build these three centers of life, they are all important, however, there is one thing that is even more important, and that is learning the right mindset, the entrepreneurial mindset or the mindset of positive thinking. One of those are just as important to have as the right mindset in health, in relationships, and in money consciousness.

If you want to learn this, the right mindset, the right mindset of mind, health, relationships and money, come and join us on the journey now, use the contact form below this, or press this text to go to the contact form, and we will contact you about this.

We will teach you:

  • the right mindset for a mind to be in the right frame of mind
  • the right mindset for health
  • the right mindset for relationships
  • the right mindset for money

The rest, you will be able to take from what we have learned you in these mindset classes, and this all while you are building your own business.

Go and send me an email if you are interested in knowing more.

Hope to hear from you soon!!!

Have a great week
John Eide

Learning a New Way of Doing Things

Hi All,

Are you having your way of doing your Network Marketing business? Do you have something that works every time? Do you have a method which means you can approach people over and over again, until you find out what they really want? Is it a way that makes you not turn people off or a way they in fact do not even know that you have approached them? Have you read any new books on this subject lately? Found any Guru that tells you that they have the way to do it?

It is great to learn new ways to do your business. It can be healthy to learn another way to do things. Especially if you are not having a great success with the way you are doing things right now. It is encouraging to know that there is a new way of doing the approach that do not leave your friends angry and upset with you, that do not make your friends leave you. Which leaves you friendless on Facebook or other Social Media. It has been a long time, but I have learned a way I feel have great prospects of being the perfect way. Not that the way you do it now, does not work, it is just so much better to be able to leave a person not interested in the blue, to be able to ask if a person is interested and not even letting that person know that you have asked them.

Through one course I am studying I learned this new way of doing it. It is so great I want to create a course to teach it in more depth. I think it is time for the world of business to go out and learn to do this task in a new way. I feel I have stumbled upon the method I will use for the rest of my life, no matter which company I am with. It works for all kinds of businesses in one way or another. It creates a great feeling, and it leaves the prospective business owner without a clue about what has been done to them, if they have not shown interest. This means they do not want what you offered right now, and their world could change tomorrow. So it is just to stay alert to the prospects word and you will be knowing when and how to approach them about the business next time you do.

It is incredible that the major companies has not been learning this method, and it is incredible that more people are using it. I have been in Network Marketing since I was 17 years old. I love the industry, I know what it can do for people, but I have never been able to achieve much success in this business, earlier I thought it was because people were not willing to work a business. I know better today. First of all, it was the way I was as a person. Second, it had all with how I spoke about it, raising all the sales filters in their mind. You know, people hate to be sold something, but they love to buy. Finally, it had all to do with the fact that I forgot to focus on the person I was speaking about, I was all about how much I could earn. This, is the main reason why I did not succeed. I was all about me, and not about them. I have changed myself, I have changed the way I do things, and I have changed the way I talk to people, all in a matter of 6 months.

It is due to a course I have done, and it is so great. If you like to create this change in yourself, follow my weekly blog, I will create a form, and let you sign up to it, so that I will broadcast a message when it is close to opening up again. It is so fantastic, so wonderful, so incredible to see the change that I have made in myself. All my friends tell me that I have changed too. So it is not something just I feel, everybody around me feels it too.

Leave a comment if you like some more information about either of these. I will let you know when the course start, or when my new course will start on the method of talking to people.

Enjoy your Network Marketing Business, and learn the real great talking to prospects process, to make your business grow.

Now Easter is passed, we have the rest of this year ahead, and we can enjoy building our business without major holidays before Christmas.

Enjoy your day, and hope to hear from you.

John Eide


Hi All,

How are you? Are you creating a great life for yourself? Or are something stopping you from having it your way? Why? What is going on? Have you been doing what it said to do in the magazines, in the self-development books? And it did not work? How strange, I think there is a reason that there is a problem somewhere, that they are not telling people about. I think there is a think called thinking in the way.

Yes, there are many ways to follow on and try to create a great life. There are pages written about nearly every day, but why do we need so many people to write about this? In fact we do not, the reason why they write about it, is not to make you create a happy and fulfilling great life. It is to do the opposite. If your life was great and wonderful, who would then buy their magazines, their books, their products, let me ask you a very different question. If they call it self-help, why do you need so many articles written about it. Why do you need to learn from someone else how to create a great life for yourself? Well, the answer is obvious, we have not been told how to do it, neither in school, nor anywhere else. It may be a secret they want to keep from us. Do you think so? I do in fact think so, and I think it has a good reason.

The reason for not letting us all create a great life? Well, there are many thoughts around this topic. One reason they would not let you create a great life, is because it will be unfair on the other people. It is not fair that someone has a good life, when the rest has to live in such a bad situation, and you succeeding adds to their misery. Or does it? It should not, but we people are strange. We are jealous creatures. We are jealous when someone we know gets successful, we are jealous when people fix their problems and we are stuck with our problem. Why is this so? Because we do not like to get left behind. What I do not grasp is why would they need to get left behind? If one did get out of the problem then they could do to, or do you believe that some people are created unequal, or some more equal than others?

Wow, this little blog post to write in the middle of the night, is growing full of more questions than there are answers. But it is not so strange. I remember when I was growing up, there was a song, and that song was called ¨No Matter What¨, the song lyrics are actually meant to be a love song, but I did not like the last verse. I jumped that because the rest of the text meant so much to me. I heard them sing, no matter where they take us, we find our own way back. It was a text for me, about the forces of governments forcing its citizens to live in the life the governments allowed. No, I am not going to go all political, it has to with having a great life, and not about political stands. In that little song however they also sings ¨no matter what they say, what I believe is true¨. And I think that is the problem of how to create a great life.

Today, we are having a world in total financial collapse, the world economy is closed down, for how long we do not know. What will happen if there is no food grown for the rest of the year? Panic, food shortages, well, I guess we have to wait and see, but I think it is time to think hard and long about certain things. Do you have a job tomorrow? I mean after you are finished the Covid-19 attack, is there a problem with so many unemployed people? Yes, there are many, but we can save the day, you can be up and running in your own income producing opportunity before you know it. It is not something you have not done before, in fact you have done it all since you where young and went to the movies for the first time, and came home to say that that movie was great. So it is not something dangers or particularly difficult. In fact, it is perfect for the life situation we are in right now. But back to great life creation.

I want to tell you, that there are ways most people have not thought about to create a great life. You will need to think it over to find it by yourself, or you can go to and sign up for an introductory coaching lesson totally free, and we will talk about how to do it. No it is not more of the old, it is not just some mumbo jumbo. It is a way, that people in fact for centuries have known about, but the people who know it, has not shared it throughout the world freely. Yes, they have written books about it, but it is not the kind of book all people buy for entertainment on a Saturday afternoon. That is the problem. Most people do not want to find this things.

So if you are special, if you are great, be first to join me for a free consultation, and if I see the potential for us to work together, I give you a special offer you cannot refuse, from my favorite move, the Godfather, I am going to offer the first 3 customers a packace of 10 sessions for the price of a 5 session, only because I want to get a reference, so the only thing you have to promise to get the special price, is to promise to write a reference how you found working with me, whether I helped you, or whether I was a complete jerk. I want honest feedback, but nothing sarcastic or unfair either. The price for a 10 session is the price of 7.5 lesson which is US$750, but on this special price, you will be given a special price of US$300 for 10 hourly session, working with me, to help create a great life, we may only get to create a better life by the time the 10 lessons are finished, but I will teach you the technology to develop further yourself, and you can come back just now and then when you want new information after that. A once off coaching lesson after the introductory one, cost US$100 per lesson, so from buying 1 and 1 lesson you save US$700, or 70% discount. And all you have to do, is write me a few lines after the 10 sessions is finished. Give me a call or an email, and we shall set of a time for your initial consultation. So we can get started, CREATING YOUR WONDERFUL GREAT LIFE. Where there is a will there is a way.

Have a wonderful day, and a good life, until we meet.

Coach John Eide

Talk again soon.
John Eide
Life Coach

I returned to a big problem

Hi all,

I am sorry to find my website filled with spam posts, but I have now changed my website’s password and hope that the people that write on other peoples websites keep away from my site from now on. It is not nice to have your website spammed like this, but I guess keeping the password like I did, as the standard, there was nothing else to expect. There are too many people with nothing better to do. If you are one that goes around spamming others websites, you are a criminal we do not like.

Anyway, there is no problem fixing it, luckily they did not create any users to access my website on, but if you find posts that has nothing to do with me helping you create a business, there is probably a new spammer idiot out there again. I am happy to point out what kind of disservice these idiots do to the world of internet.

Now to something more happy. I am about to start creating a new website here on this site. But if you like to start earning money, you are welcome to write me a message on my contact form. It is available on contact me page in the menu.

Let us hear what you want help with, do you want to build a new business, do you need help being coached to succeed in your own business, or something else?

Hope to hear from you, I appreciate all forms for comments, both positive and negative feedback on my page. As long as it is constuctive feedback.

Have a great day,
John Henning Eide
Owner of this website

Welcome to

We are so happy to finally move towards a new day for, we will be launching a new website before the end of May 2020. You will see big changes in the way that the page is being made, and in the format of the page.

There will be soon arriving a new SSL certificate so that you will be able to feel safe, not only while giving us the details that will be required in leaving comments, but also safe to buy off our website.

There will eventually be availability of both businesses and product purchases. I will have a large portion of products from different affiliate systems I am getting involved with, either just as an affiliate or as a seller of the specific products.

I hope we will create a connection and a great relationship. It is important to me that you feel this is the site where you can get serious advise in such an incredible serious issue as starting your new business.

We will have different options for you, we can study where you are at, we can suggest different things you must do, before you start up, while you start your business and while running it, and even help with closing down businesses you no longer need.

Hope to hear from you, there will be a link here when the page is ready, to contact us directly, but the link will be set up when the page for the form is created.

Have a wonderful spring, and we see you just before summer starts. This year 2020, not next year.

Greetings from
John Eide